Thinking back Halloween holds a few fun childhood memories for me.

We always had good times going to our friends house and playing flashlight tag until the late hours of the evening.  They had a HUGE yard with a densely wood area behind a huge open field.  There’s nothing like running around in the dark, with a flashlight (often turned off), in the woods nonetheless, and trying to chase down kids that were often 3 or 4 years my senior.  I never won.

There were also the countless house parties I enjoyed throwing.  One Halloween in particular, I was having a party and my parents noticed some teens helping themselves to our table of goodies (not unusual in a household with two teens and a plethora of their friends).  I came inside (the rest of my 15 or so friends were outside playing capture the flag) and confronted the group eating our food.  Turns out, they were some trick-or-treaters who noticed our spread and invited themselves in.  How flattering for us, how unfortunate for them.  They were promptly removed and on their way.

Aside from that, I don’t remember trick-or-treating until I was a teen.  Mom says she took us when we were little, but at my old age I can’t seem to bring back those memories.  As a teen I found that you really have to dress up if you’re going to convince people to give you candy.  What a neat idea.  Dress weird, try to scare people, and then they give you candy and smile.  We ate candy for days.

My first Halloween as John’s girlfriend (this was 9 years ago), John’s band Ace Troubleshooter was playing a show at a local college.  I remember hearing that John was going to be dressing up, but I could never have imagined the spectacle that would be John’s costume.  I remember walking in with my friends and seeing: a skinny guy with a guitar, dressed with a yellow chicken mask, tights, red short shorts, some sort of shirt and a cape.  Hilarity ensued.  It was AWESOME!  I think that was the last Halloween John and I spent together (but that has nothing to do with his choice of Halloween costumes!).

Tonight I’m ready to spend Halloween #2 at my friend Whitney’s house.  They live in a great urban neighborhood with lots of exciting activity always brewing.  If all goes well we’ll feed lots of trick-or-treaters, drink our fill of punch, and maybe see some scoundrels being arrested in the park.  I LOVE IT!

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