Wading our way through Seattle’s Best Coffee

My friend Mandy and I thought it would be nice to get out of Denver for a few days and venture to the far Northwest. We packed for the trip and headed off by plane to the lovely state of Washington.

Our rental car was one of those fun little keyless wonders. How odd to just push a button to unlock the doors, start the engine or brew a cup of coffee. We quite easily found our way downtown and settled into our not-so-luxurious but ever-so convenient hotel room. We would later learn as the evening progressed that our hotel parking lot was a meeting spot for persons with loud outdoor voices and the inability to close a car door in the first 4 tries. How nice for them.

Our weekend was spent shopping, walking, and exploring the streets of Seattle. We really enjoyed the Pike Place Market as well as the downtown shopping district!

Although overcast and rainy most of the weekend, I really enjoyed the weather. How nice to have a few days of constant downpours and dark skies. It even snowed a bit which I guess is unusual for that area. The snowflakes were of the large fluffy variety and soaking wet to the bone.


All-in-all my favorite part of the town was a little area called Capitol Hill. We only had a few passing moments to spend there but we instantly knew we’d be back.

On a sad side note, Monday night was Dave’s last night on tour with RK. While they have a couple more shows together, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears of sadness at the thought of not seeing Dave out on tour again. John always has stories about himself and Dave and all the little things they have in common and oddities they share. Like leather gloves and a love for Star Trek. Dave played a bit of guitar in John’s old band and we’ve known him for quite a long while. I know from past experiences that friendships can easily span thousands of miles and so I know that we’ll be seeing Dave again, but my heart was still sad.

Anyways, we had fun at the shows, and less fun driving on the flooded roadways, but overall our trip was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get back to Seattle. Hopefully sooner than later…

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