Setting the Cruise Control

John and I (along with a few of our friends) went on a cruise in the Western Caribbean. We staked our claim on the Carnival Valor and set sail for the open waters. Did you know that Valor actually means: boldness or determination in facing great danger. That really set my mind at ease! Miami was our first port and went spent some time at ports in Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize and Mexico.


This was my first cruise AND my first time out of the United States (wait, I did spend about an hour or so in Canada as a child). We had an extraordinary time and my favorite memories include:

Getting lost in Grand Cayman with the Cannon’s and finding the prettiest little beach, Snorkeling on the Barrier Reef in Belize, Snorkeling and swimming in Cozumel, playing Mafia (I’m still not sure who to trust these days!), Eating dinner with our friends, My 2-year Anniversary actually spent with my husband!!!, the waiter who announced “Oh, so you want the cheap wine then!” but in an accent that made me question his intentions in stating that, finding out that the tv stations were all Denver local channels (how unusual), watching a guy walk into a statue (from the motion of the boat) and then angrily staring the statue down, walking on the deck on a very windy night, towel animals, falling in love all over again.

Honduras CozumelBelize

Once back on land, I spent the next day swaying back and forth and occasionally grabbing for a rail or counter top to steady myself. I guess all that time rocking on the boat had changed my sense of balance and stability, although you’d also think that after 8 days on a ship you would start to get used to all that motion, and yet I never did!


We were so happy to be in the States that we practically volunteered for Jury Duty. As random as the selection of jury duty may be, somehow John and I ended up being called for duty on the same day. We both served and never actually made it on a jury panel. I did learn some interesting things about our government and spent time near the offices of Mr. Hickenlooper. What a great name!

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