Summer is swell

I do believe the last time I posted I was making references to John and I riding bikes. I believe it was soon after that time that we stopped riding our bikes. You see, the snow melted and we soon discovered that we had 3 flat tires out of a possible 4. I think on an essay that would have gotten us a solid 75% grade. However, in flat bike tires it quickly amounts to a lack of bike riding. It is now many months later and we have finally repaired those tires. Thank goodness, because in those four months we certainly could have used those bikes to, ummm, stop world hunger or something. My, was that really 4 months ago?

Since then so much has happened. You may have read from John’s blog that we moved. Rather quickly at that. In fact, many of our friends and family weren’t even sure where to find us. To this day, Fed Ex cannot properly deliver a package to us. We keep receiving a message that “our address is incorrect or cannot be found.” I can assure you that our address is correct and can be found and unless our home is something like the hidden home of #12 Grimmauld Place in Harry Potter, and Fed Ex is controlled by Muggles (as this is a kinder word that I can use for them than what I would like to use), then there should be no problems. And yet…there are problems…lots and lots of problems.

Uh hem, back to my blog. So we moved and our home has now been deemed the “Summer house” by our friends because of our access to a pool, tennis court and the “oh so glorious” Wii. It’s enough to keep us busy and mostly out of trouble. We’ve had a few fun adventures this summer. I went camping in the mountains and had my closest experience with bears ever. Close enough to freak me out and send me scampering through the woods back to our campground (I mean, who wants to be walking in a field of bear poop anyways!) We’ve now been on a few bike rides and gone rock climbing. The rock climbing isn’t all that bad once you get up the treacherous hike that nearly takes your life on the way up. We also had a nice trip to Oklahoma to stay on our friends houseboat. John had his first experience on a wake board. He was also quite the chap at both water skiing and tubing. I rather enjoyed relaxing in the sun reading Harry Potter. At some point this summer Relient K’s bus caught fire, we went to a Rodeo and we’ve had lots of family members and friends come out to stay with us. Needless to say there has been constant excitement and activity around here. Hardly a dull moment at Hacienda Warne’s.

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