Bikes and other outdoor happenings

I think it was before I was married to John (it was well before that actually) that he would often mention how much he liked bikes. Throughout my life here in Denver, this reoccurring topic would grace our conversations every spring and certainly during the summer. I had thought about getting him one for his birthday or other holidays, but the bike just never materialized. Until now. With the help of our friend Mandy, we bought our first set of bikes. We nearly rode them out of the store (John rode his, I walked mine to avoid hitting pedestrians).

As happy bike owners we don’t really need an excuse to ride our bikes. However, we need a little help from mother nature. Our second day of being bike owners was a bit windy. Our third day was VERY windy. Now, on our forth day, with plans to bike to the nearby park to play tennis, we woke up to 4 inches of snow. SNOW!? It’s been in the 60’s and sunny. Where did this come from? There are many explanations, none of which I will spend much time on seeing as there are few in the world who have a deep appreciation for weather like I do. If, in case, you are interested, you can look up Denver weather patterns and you’ll soon understand quite clearly how unstable our weather is here.
So our plans to ride bikes, play tennis, and attend a spectacular fireworks show and watch “things being blown up” at the School of the Mines, have been placed on the back burner until we can further assess the situation. Spring.

Fortunately, the weather should improve by tomorrow so we can get outdoors to enjoy the weekend. So much bike riding, tennis, hiking, and other fun things to do!

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