When your man can’t come to see you, you go to see your man. 1,000 miles separated us, and I found that a space equal to 1,000 miles can also be interpreted as 14 1/2 hours driving time. A day trip. With a kitten companion and my suitcase packed, I headed out on the open road. With Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California in my future, I was happy to be on the road.

I had a great time in California. Seeing John was one of the highlights of my trip. The other was when I met up with my sister and her friend Ashley who were bravely tackling the CA coastline armed only with a Black Mustang Convertible and a tent. Girls just wanna have fun! We swam at Zuma Beach and camped at Point Mugu. It was beautiful. We had a campfire and smores, while stars were falling from the sky above us. I could have stayed there forever. Forever was only a night though, and we spent the next day at Venice beach where my husband and sister fought against waves twice their size. I’m sure they are still trying to get the sand out of their shorts! I calmly waded in the water and let the waves knock my legs out from under me, sending me spiraling towards the beach. A lovely day at the ocean!

At the studio I heard all kinds of music being made. My favorite part was an old movie with Goldy Hawn and Chevy Chase called Foul Play. I actually screamed at one point. I’m glad I was at the studio.

All-in-all it was a good trip. Believe it or not, the kitten traveled very well. She slept the majority of the time. I think she was one of my best road companions to date! I can also say that I am glad to be home. The fresh air, parks, and quiteness of a 2.5 million population city is just what I need. Home. My bed. My car. My life…if only John were here…

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