3 days of rain puts a smile on my face

Growing up in Minnesota I relished the days when the sun would shine, the humidity was low, and the bugs were non-existent. Now I look forward to a good ‘ole cloudy, rainy day. Sometimes you get what you wish for, and then some more.

The 4th of July started like any other Colorado day, but ended in thunderstorms and rain showers, washing out my chances of seeing fireworks. We made it through the next 2 days with some afternoon showers, but as the weekend rolled in, we experienced 3 full days of rain. The kind that makes you want to curl up by the fireplace and read a good book. I loved taking out my rain jackets and wearing sweatshirts again. I even got to use my umbrella! What a refreshing joy to put the 300++ days of sunshine away for a relaxing weekend indoors.

With that said, I went indoor rock climbing! I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy rock climbing outdoors, on some menacing mountainside, dangling from a 1/2 inch rope, in the near future.

Regan has been keeping me busy, usually when I want to sleep. She is either awake and playing, or asleep. There’s no chill time in between. I’ll often wake up to a kitty head massage (more like she’s trying to play with my hair, and I’m too tired at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. to do much about it!). She is such a blessing! She keeps me company while my hubby is off doin’ his thing.

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