Our New Kitty!

Yesterday, John came home for a surprise, 3 day break! While he was catching up on some zzzzz’s I went exploring at the Denver Dumb Friends League (animal shelter about a mile from our home). I was only looking…until the saddened eyes of a particular kitty caught my attention. I roamed around, giving all the kittens and cats equal attention. Then I headed home and woke John up, insisting that a cup of coffee would help him recover from his lack of sleep over the past 2 days. Still sleepy eyed, we got into the car and drove back to the shelter.

Upon entering the crazied atmosphere of the Kitty Karnival (an event put on by the shelter to help adopt out cats and inform the public about care for their pets), we saw our future house mate. Little, fluffy, and so garsh darn cute! We put our name on the list to spend some time with her (someone else had beaten us to her!). Lucky for
us, they chose a different kitty and we fell in love with kitten #A398756. The experience was touching because we spent some time in the room where our kitty had been staying. We really felt like animals on display! Loads of people were watching and pointing and tapping at the glass. I’m not sure, but I think they wanted John to dance in that small glass room. We knew this kitten was right for us. At one point she went up to the water dish to get a drink, and another kitten hissed at her, sending our kitten flying for the shadows. She peered around, cautiously awaiting her turn. When we had her alone, she cuddled right up with John, falling asleep in his arms. She really is cute and cuddly. After a long night of name searching we decided on calling her Regan (after one of our favorite comedians). She is 2 months old and loves to cuddle. She also has a cold and has been sneezing a lot (John and I think she may be allergic to us!). Check out John’s blog for more information (and about the surprise that Regan left for him last night!).

We can’t wait to introduce you to the newest member of our family!

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