Taming the Wild Cats

Our cats are around 5 years old and they still act like kittens.  They race around the house, play all night, pounce on toys and take little naps when needed.  We chose not to have them declawed when they were kittens, but have often wondered what could be done about some of their bad cat habits.

Until this year, our cats have never clawed at our furniture, but after buying a new couch, our youngest cat has been treating it like a scratching post.  He also has a habit of scratching doors and mirrors at night.  Our slightly older cat has never really taken well to strangers and will swat when she sees fit.  Short of sending them to a kitty psychologist I thought I’d try a product to cap their nails.

Cat nail caps are amazing!  You just glue them on to the cats existing nails (after giving them a trim) and it covers their sharp little claws.  I thought this would be problematic from my cats chewing them off to the caps themselves falling off.  I haven’t had these problems at all!  My cats had no adverse reaction to the caps.  In fact, I’m not even sure they know they have them on.  They did try to chew them off after a few hours, but have since given up since the caps wouldn’t budge.

The two brands I know of are Kitty Cap Nail Caps and Soft Claws.  While I have used the former, I’m sure both are great!  I highly recommend these caps for anyone with cats who still have their claws!

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