Shaving my cat (Wahl hair clippers)

We have two long haired cats.  My husband is very allergic and I’m sorta allergic.  So smart, I know (they were just so cute as kittens we couldn’t pass them up!)  So in order to help with our household allergies we give our cats baths.  It helps, but as our summer here in Denver has gotten hotter and hotter, our cats are shedding more and more.  I’m practically vacuuming up a cat’s worth of fur every time I turn on the machine.  Tonight I went to our local Target and picked up a pair of hair clippers.  I put my furriest cat in the bathtub and after about 30 minutes, I now have a shorthaired cat.  Mind you, I kept the fur around his face and tail long, but we have a much improved fur ball running around our home.

I used the Wahl 20-Piece Color Coded Clipper Set.  It worked great, cut through the thickest fur, and only cost about $20.  Totally worth it!

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