Springing along

Spring proved to be full of much more excitement.  To start off March I livened things up a bit by getting myself an emergency MRI on my head.  I lost my peripheral vision in my right eye and was experiencing visual auras.  After being strapped down to a board and having my veins pumped full of an icy cool fluid I was set to waiting patiently while my brian was scanned from a variety of angles.  The good news was that I did not have a stroke, tumor or blood clot.  The diagnosis was for Migraines and Sinus Polyps.  I guess I possess many of the risk factors for polyps: asthma, allergies and frequent sinus infections.  The migraines came more as a surprise.  I guess that’s how they work.

We needed to move on quickly as we were preparing for our friends to visit us from Arizona.  We had a wonderful time!  It didn’t snow much for them but I think they enjoyed the weather regardless.  After they left we got a good foot of snow.  Yippee!!!



John left to head back to work, and our home was eerily quiet.  So quiet in fact that I decided it was time for us to move into the city.  I’ve been looking to move closer to downtown since last fall, but just didn’t see anything that appealed to my list of demands (or our price point!).  Sure enough, as soon as John hit the airport to go out of town I found our new place.  I viewed it, liked it, and signed on it that weekend.  Once again, John has proven to be the most trusting, patient husband I know.  He has yet to see a home that we move into before we actually sign the papers on it.

So now we’re painting and making that little house our home.  We’ve been slowly moving in between John’s trips and my work schedule.  We’re excited to be nearer to our friends and walking distance to downtown.

John’s busy recording a new album in Nashville and I’m finishing up my last weeks in the school district that I’ve taught in for almost 4 years now.  My how time flies!  Speaking of time, thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my birthday.  It was a blast!

29th B-day!

Now I need to start planning for John’s big 3-0 coming up this summer.  Dang, I’ve never been married to a 30-year-old before…

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