Crackling fireplaces and a dry warm winter

Winter proved to be uneventful and relaxing.  John came home shortly after the New Year and we hunkered down until Spring.  We didn’t exactly stay at home, but we certainly didn’t venture far from it.  We entertained ourselves with a couple trips up to the high country to ride in the snow and visit friends.  Our friends from California came to visit and we had a great time with them up in Vail.  We also took a mini-side trip to go explore a cave and listen to scaredy-pants kids whimper in the dark.  For pictures you can go to our website:

It hardly snowed here in Denver, in fact, the weather was rather pleasant.  Being a child of the upper mid-west, we had our share of cold, wet winters.  I remember as a child, waking up to snow so deep I could hardly see over the top of it.  It was great!

philip-and-sarah-in-the-snow-19831I always liked the snow, just not the cold.  I still say it was the cold that drove me away from MN, but it’s the warm hearts that keep bringing us back.  Ha!

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