Who would you call if you were lost…

You can read about this on John’s blog, or you can enjoy my take on it!

After dropping my sweet little sis off at the airport, I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize. Being lonely (as I probably was) I answered.


“Is this Sarah Warne?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Wife of John Michael Warne?”


“Uh, yes.”

“This is the customs and border patrol of the United States of America, in Huron, Michigan.”


“Do you know that your husband is traveling today?”

“Yeah, he travels a lot.”

“He’s with us here and we can assure you, your husband is safe and under our protection.”

At this point the kind gentleman proceeded to explain how my husband was passing through customs and was left behind by his bus. He asked me if I had any way of contacting anyone on the bus so they could turn around and go back to get little Johnny. It took a second to process all of this, and through my giggles I said to the kind man, “please don’t be offended by this, but are you joking!?” He assured me that this was no joke (although I’m not sure he wasn’t stifling a laugh himself), and that my husband was safe in the room next to him.
After I regained my composer, I started scrambling for any phone numbers I had of band members/girlfriends/wives/associates/comedians. Fortunately, the bus had not gone too far before they got my messages and turned back for poor poor John.

I have to admit, I think John would have been fine without my help. His name is on the inside of his underwear and I wrote his phone number on the tags in his jacket. He knows his alphabet and can count to 100. But I do like to think that without my help, he’d still be somewhere between Canada and the United States. Maybe sleeping on a park bench with little packets of Saltine crackers and ketsup to fill his tummy.

Life is never boring when you’re married to a traveling sales…oops, I mean musician.

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