John and I thought we’d update our website on a regular basis to keep our family and friends updated on the craziness we call life. Keep checking back for regular updates to our photos archive, as well as blogs on what we’ve been up to.

Some good news for my readers… I now have a tape player in my car, thanks to my brother Philip. After 7 long months of singing to myself and unrolling my windows to catch a tune from the cars next to me, my brother kindly rewired my car so that I could enjoy a few hours of music each day. I never thought I’d be so happy to have a TAPE player. Thank you 1993 for making my dreams a reality.

Teaching has been great this year. I started out substituting in mostly kindergarten and first grade classrooms and ended the year teaching mostly fourth and fifth. I will admit that each grade has both good and bad aspects to it. However, I feel pretty confident that I can play games and give candy to any child, regardless of age, at this point!

In case you were wondering, “what does a somewhat rockstar and his wife do on a regular night!?” Well here’s your answer. We started the night watching Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and we are currently watching the finale of the Spelling Bee. I’m hoping to top off this awesome night with at least an hour or two of some good book reading. What!? Staying up past 10!? Well, it is almost the weekend, and I did get to sleep in until 7 yesterday.

Lately for real fun I’ve been hiking in the Boulder Canyon area as well as playing volleyball in Washington Park (similar to the Lake Calhoun area). We’ve also been enjoying some spectacular kite flying and rollerblading around the lakes… errr ponds. I love being outdoors!

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